#DiversityHunger: celebrating diversity with Domino’s Pizza


Domino’s Pizza

Starting point

A need to connect with the audience in relevant moments, such as Pride, whilst maintaining the unique tone of Domino’s.


Creativity capable of connecting with the audience and surprising them in a moment of high advertising saturation. Keeping the tone authentic, warm and, above all, very Domino’s.

What we did


We live in a reality in which social movements are playing an increasingly fundamental role in society, especially for the new generations to come, such as centennials and millennials. These new consumers are more and more relevant to advertisers, as they grow and gain purchasing power, and will not allow brands to look the other way on social issues that concern them, such as climate change, women’s rights, or LGBTI+ community movements.

In this context, some may still ask, why is brand activism on the rise, why are brands going to get involved and risk their reputation by championing social, political or environmental causes? The answer is simple: there is no longer a place in today’s marketplace for purposeless brands.

The relationship model between brands and people has changed. Brands that take sides and position themselves in certain social areas will be the ones that achieve relevance in a context of excess information and options. Working on the emotional elements of the brand, in parallel with all the rational advantages of products or services, helps to plant in the consumer’s mind an additional reason to choose one option over all the others.

#DIVERSITYHUNGER: Domino’s celebrates diversity

When we started working with Domino’s in 2019, they challenged us to adapt their tone to a radically different centennial target (based on extravagance, urban and Internet culture). All of this through a strategy and style of communication that encompasses all digital assets (social media, SEM, display, and web). When addressing this audience, keeping silent in the face of social movements is unthinkable.

“#DiversityHunger invited everybody to feel free to choose what they wanted”.

Guerrilla marketing with maximum impact and a reduced budget.

In this context came Pride 2019: the biggest celebration of diversity that exists. A celebration that represents the struggle for the rights of a community that is increasingly represented. Thus, we worked together with Domino’s Pizza to continue building its brand positioning and commitment, carrying out a creative action in which everyone was invited to feel free to choose what they want, under the motto of #DiversityHunger.

When it comes to initiatives, campaigns and content with Domino’s Pizza, we always asked ourselves “is this a challenge for Domino’s?” and no doubt #DiversityHunger was. We decided to make a call for diversity under the claim “Whatever you like, at Domino’s we are proud that you can choose”. Under this creative umbrella, we invited the top competitors to celebrate diversity and the power of choice. Because it doesn’t matter if our community dines at Domino’s today and goes to the competition tomorrow, we’re proud of that.

So, we decided to start direct conversations with the brand’s main competitors through social networks (Telepizza, Papa John’s, Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC and Taco Bell), so that they would join #DiversityHunger, inviting them to try our products and sending them to their offices. Some of them even responded by sending their products to Domino’s Pizza offices.

But tempting the competition with Domino’s products wasn’t the only action we took during Pride week. The campaign was based on other levers such as collaborations with influencers, contests, promotional videos and papering the city of Madrid with the main messages of the campaign inviting everyone to celebrate diversity. In the words of Alejandro Ditrolio, executive creative director of Good Rebels at the time, “through the Diversity Hunger concept, we not only seek to launch a message in favour of diversity, but we also want to make it clear that, at a time when division and intolerance are the order of the day, there is no better way to demonstrate the value of diversity than by promoting our competition”.

The campaign achieved exceptional coverage with a reduced investment, impacting an estimated audience of over 6 million people, achieving 740K video views and 31.6K interactions. The communication of a message with clear social positioning, a provocative character and targeted actions were the keys to success. #DiversityHunger managed to unite traditionally opposing brands, such as Telepizza. The fact that they made posts on their social profiles with Domino’s Pizza products, and vice versa, is without a doubt a historical milestone.

#DiversityHunger demonstrates how brand activism works and can improve brand image and positioning and also captivate potential customers. Consumers are looking for purposeful, truly revolutionary brands that are able to defend their ideals and values, that differentiate themselves beyond quality and price, reflecting a positive social impact on their environment. And if they do so with a strong creative concept, and daring, provocative activations that draw their attention, success is guaranteed.


Eusko Ganberak