Ensuring success.-End-to-end data providers for digital marketing.


The digital ecosystem of insurance companies has become increasingly important in recent years. DKV Spain, one of the leading companies in the country, combines an extensive telephone and face-to-face customer service network with a very complete digital environment: a website and an app, a user area, a mediators are, a site for medical specialists and another one for company employees, as well as various microsites.

A complete analytical support.

DKV contacted us at the end of 2015 with a very clear necessity: a digital partner that would allow them to make the most out of their data and offer a complete analytics service for their digital marketing department.

For years, digital actions have been increasingly important for insurance companies, which are constantly launching new campaigns to attract new policyholders, offers, promotions and blogs. With such an intense digital activity, DKV needed to activate a competitive monitoring, that is, a continuous evaluation of the results of all these actions.

Over the course of seven years, we have detected and solved the weak points of DKV’s digital strategies.

Everything around data.

Throughout all this time, we have worked with the different departments of the company, such as DKV Health Services, DKV Digital Product Unit, DKV Quality Department (the customer area), DKV Communication and Responsible Business Department, as well as the Health Club, which includes Allianz, Famedic, Sanify and Doctor Go.

We have performed diverse functions for all of them, achieving constant data quality and obtaining a 75% improvement in response times to new analytics implementations, thus preserving the necessary data flow by:

  • Advanced audits of the digital assets (corporate sites, digital tools and platforms, social networks…) to understand in-depth the current state of the business from an analytical perspective.
  • Definition of the strategy and planning of the implementations to be carried out to meet the information needs of the main stakeholders, preserve the quality of the data and enable a better decision making process.
  • Strategic analysis of the collected information, to be able to make better business decisions based on real data.
  • Analytical tracking of the advertising campaigns, allowing the definition of audiences based on how users have interacted with the web and the monitoring and optimization of the campaigns’ performances.
  • Creation of dashboards in Looker Studio to be able to monitor the status and evolution of the main KPIs in a personalised and centralised way.
  • Development of a predictive analytics project for the Communication department.

Constant follow-up.

Our work to support the monitoring of campaigns has enabled the definition of valuable audiences and has had a direct impact on their performance:

  • Tracking of user interactions with the company’s digital assets.
  • Labelling of the adverstising networks and management tools, which provides an intuitive way to easily obtain the necessary information.
  • Development of customised Looker Studio dashboards to monitor the performance of the campaigns.
  • Continuous training to DKV’s team members to improve the understanding of the analytical processes, allowing them to take advantage of the tools at their disposal to preserve the consistency of the data collection process. Within these trainings, we always seek to combine a theoretical explanation with practical training that allows them to get to know the different tools and learn how to use them on a day-to-day basis.

As Google partners, we have proactively proposed to DKV the implementation of the technologies they have launched in recent years.

Migrating DKV’s digital ecosystem to Google Analytics 4.

As certified Google partners, we know in advance the new features offered by the Tech Giant when it comes to analytics, which allows us to be among the first companies to work with their state-of-the-art tools and adapt quickly to any changes in the industry.

Thus, a few years ago we proactively proposed to DKV the implementation of web personalization solutions with Google Tag Manager and Google Optimize, in order to use these tools to optimize conversion rate (CRO) processes.

In 2019, when Google announced the arrival of a new measurement model, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), we proposed to DKV to migrate its entire digital ecosystem to that platform. The company agreed and we got to work to make the transition without affecting day-to-day processes, which we were able to complete successfully.

First, we reviewed the group’s analytics stack and digital assets of the company. Then, we planned the gradual migration of the ecosystem to the GA4 tool. In the process, we integrated the new digital assets that emerged during the period. In addition, an adoption protocol was established that could be extended to all areas.

A successful partnership.

Right now we are in the phase of support and DQ maintenance, adapting the ecosystem to the new functionalities that emerge in GA4. We are also laying the ground for the adaptation of the reporting ecosystem to the new reality, as well as conducting the required training needed to facilitate this transition.

Throughout our time together, we have provided DKV with a complete vision of their customer journey and we have provided each business unit with valuable metrics of the changes they have been implementing, reducing incidents and resulting in more traffic and more conversions, among many other things. In short, a successful partnership.

DKV wanted the support to be complete, which has made us the company’s de facto external analytics department.