ClubDIA.-Digitising loyalty in the retail sector.


With more than 3,000 shops and a loyalty programme with around 18 million customers, the DIA supermarket chain is one of Spain’s benchmark retailers. But competition is fierce. Chains are constantly launching promotions in order to convert the consumer into a regular customer. In the midst of this “war of offers”, the differential value of the brand was being diluted. This is where we came in.

The Customer is (Almost) Always Right

There is no greater retail expert than consumers themselves. Not only do they know the different chains and why they chose them, but they also know the advantages each one of them offers them.

Thanks to the internal studies carried out by DIA and the customer service reports on social networks that we carried out at Good Rebels, we discovered that the main point of improvement for members of ClubDIA (the brand’s loyalty programme) was something supposedly simple.

If they wanted to enjoy the bonuses they got when they shopped at DIA, customers had to keep their receipts, as the discounts for their next purchase were printed on them. Yet, as is normal, in many cases they ended up losing them and were unable to enjoy the offers they had obtained.

The solution? To boost the ClubDIA App and move all members to the digital environment, with the aim of improving their user experience and adapting to the new consumer habits.

If we wanted to highlight DIA’s value, knowing and improving the customer experience was crucial.

Taking ClubDIA to a 100% Digital Environment

But how do you bring an offline consumer into the digital environment?

We started by defining our target audience. Based on the consumer data provided by DIA, we developed different segments based on interest clusters, demographics (age and gender) and, above all, the mobile device used.

Then, we activated a paid media campaign on social media. We focused on Facebook and Instagram —platforms that offered us a great capacity for segmentation and a sufficiently large mass of users. We aimed to encourage the download of the ClubDIA mobile app by redirecting users directly to the App Store or Google Play.

The campaign had two simultaneous objectives. On the one hand, the designs and the unique selling proposition attracted new members to the loyalty programme. On the other hand, we were promoting the main advantage for current members: the centralisation of all their coupons and discounts on the same device with personalised alerts, making it easier for them to use them.

To find out for sure if people were impacted by the ads and downloaded the App, we installed SDKs (software development kits). This also allowed us to obtain more information about the development of the campaign, allowing us to make better decisions for optimisation, which was worked on almost daily.

Campaign optimisation provided us with valuable insights, such as the age ranges or gender most likely to download, and the best performing creatives.

A Success turned into a Recurring Theme

We rated our success in terms of Return of Assets (ROAS), considering the economic valuation DIA made of each download (new or transformed customers). We achieved more than 15,000 downloads of the app in a month, with a total of 3,081,869 users reached, an impact frequency of 2.67 and a cost per installation 52% below estimates.

And thanks to the optimisation efforts, social media campaigns reported the best results of any other digital channel, which led DIA to derive budget from other channels to run more social campaigns in the following months.

In short, thanks to an audience study with personalised messages for each cluster, almost daily optimisation work for each campaign and an exhaustive study of results, we obtained both qualitative and quantitative results that far exceeded the client’s expectations.

Through the service offered by the app, DIA once again provided its customers with added value that made a difference.