Comex.-#MyWordsHaveColour: tweets, data analytics and sentiments.


With more than 4,000 stores across the country, Comex is the largest paint retailer in Mexico. Practically every Mexican associates the sale of paint with the Comex brand. At the end of 2020, the brand wanted to increase its visibility on social networks. To achieve that goal, we came up with an innovative action: #MyWordsHaveColour.

Painting greater visibility on social media.

Brands are finding it increasingly difficult to connect with their audiences in the digital ecosystem. Although essential within any strategy, editorial plans and paid media campaigns are not enough to establish real relationships with users. We must offer them something different, something that catches their attention, and in the action we developed for Comex in December 2020, we came out on top thanks to the combination of data and creativity.

Comex already had great brand awareness, but they were looking for a distinctive action that would allow them to dominate the conversation in social media and increase the share of voice. For this, we came up with an innovative action that combined Comex’s original color catalog, data analytics and a look back to a year, 2020, full of emotions and feelings. The result was #MyWordsHaveColour.