The journey towards sustainability.-Co-creating with Generation Z to transform the value chain.


In 2019, Brämhults, a Swedish juice brand, wanted to go one step further and move forward hand in hand with its consumers to improve the sustainability of its production process. Good Rebels was challenged to find the best way to carry out this co-creation process.

Premium juices against climate change.

Brämhults is a Swedish premium juice brand that belongs to the global company Eckes-Granini. Sustainability has always been at the core of their business strategy. To push their environmental commitment further, they wanted to build a more sustainable production process.

When they presented us their challenge, Good Rebels came up with a co-creation proposal, to develop this process alongside their consumers. We were inspired by the teenagers of the Fridays For Future movement and the climate strikes that they promoted all over the world: passion, commitment to sustainability, involvement…

There was no one like them to help the brand move forward in its fight against climate change, so we formed a panel of 16-19 year old young Swedes to challenge the brand and initiate a co-creation process with the brand.

Let’s get started!

The first step was to identify the areas that needed more attention. From this point, we engaged with stakeholders to develop a process of reflection, learning and problem-solving that was divided into 3 stages:

  1. Stage 1: Understand in depth the panellists’ interest in sustainability and how it affected their purchasing decisions.
  2. Stage 2: assess the sustainability of the company’s supply chain and identify areas for improvement.
  3. Stage 3: Co-design innovative solutions together with our panel.

Stage one.

At this point, we delved into the group’s consumption habits and sustainable lifestyles: we wanted to understand what sustainability meant to them, what issues were most important to them and how they perceived and consumed different brands. During this phase, we did not reveal the identity of the brand behind the project to the participants.

Brämhults and Good Rebels

Second stage.

At the end of the first stage, we introduced Brämhults to the panel and explained in detail the different processes that made up the production chain of a juice bottle – from the cultivation of the fruit to the moment it reaches the supermarket shelves – in a balanced and unbiased way.

In fact, we encouraged them to question and challenge the brand. We wanted to find out how sustainable they perceived Brämhults to be and to help us select the issues that the brand should prioritise in the near future.

We present the information to them in a balanced and unbiased way, encouraging them to question and challenge the brand, which would help us to gain better insights.

Third stage.

Finally, we planned to hold a face-to-face workshop with the co-creation panel, but the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic prevented it. However, we quickly adapted to the new situation and moved the project to the online environment, designing new dynamics to foster remote collaboration.

On the one hand, WhatsApp became our research platform, offering the panel a fresh and informal space to share thoughts and ideas. The format encouraged interaction and the exchange of opinions, reaching collective conclusions.

We also ran a series of Zoom sessions in which our co-creation panel had the opportunity to hear from a range of experts, from Brämhults’ managers to the company in charge of fruit sourcing, to a company specialising in supply chain innovation.

After Covid-19 arrived, we were able to adapt quickly and take the project to the digital environment.

End of the journey.

Through this co-creation process, the brand gained a deep understanding of young people’s views on sustainability and how these affected their purchasing behaviour.

Furthermore, through the in-depth sustainability analysis of Brämhults’ supply chain we were able to identify and prioritise areas for improvement.

Last but not least, we managed to recruit a group of young people committed to helping the brand and eager to participate in future projects, while seeing how we put their ideas into practice.

Brämhults x Good Rebels