Brämhults.-Challenging a leading Swedish brand to become more sustainable.


Sustainability has always been at the forefront of the business strategy of Brämhults, a Swedish premium juice brand, but now they wanted to go a step further and improve the sustainability of their processes as well. To achieve this, they needed to work together with consumers to build a joint journey towards generating more sustainable juice.

Towards sustainability.

Inspired by the Fridays For Future movement and climate strikes across the world, we felt it was crucial for these passionate young people to be directly involved in creating the change they wanted to see within businesses and brands.

To do this we recruited a group of young people from Sweden (aged 16-19) to join us on this journey. We equipped them with information about the Brämhults supply chain and gave them a forum to directly question and challenge the brand. With their help, we identified the areas which needed the most attention and developed ideas to help the brand become more sustainable.