A necessary renovation.-Optimising leads in a data lake.


Aliseda is a real estate company with a strong presence in Spain, a country with a dynamic and demanding housing market. Their challenge was to sell more, offer a better service to their clients and increase control of their operations.

Sell more and better.

Aliseda is a real estate company with a presence throughout Spain, a country with a dynamic and demanding housing market. Their challenge was to sell more, offer a better service to their clients and increase control of their operations.

When we studied their case, we saw that our “plan of attack” had to focus on gaining a better understanding of their leads and their commercial flow, as this would allow us to improve the customer experience and therefore increase the conversion and efficiency of their campaigns.

An Ambitious Technological Proposal.

Our solution required the development and implementation of a new operating model for the marketing of real estate properties. To do this, it was necessary to redesign the company’s entire digital ecosystem in order to optimise customer knowledge.

We embarked on complex back-end work to utilise real-time data. This radically improved business intelligence, giving Aliseda employees a deeper understanding of leads and customers, and helping them to identify the best opportunities in the commercial flow, which increased the efficiency and agility of campaigns.

On the other hand, we developed a seemingly simple front end with which Aliseda employees can better manage their relationship with customers at any stage of the conversion.

Tailor-made Experiences for Each User

However, the cornerstone of our strategy was the creation of a multi-channel platform. On it we were going to gather all our knowledge about the customers, obtaining the data we needed to achieve our objectives. So the first step we took was analyse the customer journey in depth:

  • We identified the touch points and interaction channels, and created a tracking process for each property that a customer showed interest in, which was recorded in the customer’s interaction history.
  • We set up a fingerprint tracking system that recorded the interactions of each user to provide a history of their access to the portal, which gave us personalised commercial information.
  • We created an interface for call centre workers that allowed them to view and modify a file with the user’s information when they spoke to them, which they could then modify during the interview.
  • And we developed an App for the sales staff who carry out home visits, the most important step in the whole conversion process. With the app, they can access all the customer’s information and, at the end, by answering a questionnaire, the sales representatives can complete the lead’s file with very precise data.

With the App, sales reps could visualize and modify the user’s information, completing the lead’s file with very precise data at the most important stage of the conversion.

Personalising Each Lead.

So, what did we do with all this data? We uploaded it into a data lake, a single repository in which information from all interactions, regardless of the channel, was stored in real time.

To supplement this, we developed a business intelligence (BI) module with integrated predictive and analytical tools. With it, we created a complete, automated, real-time dashboard that defined the rules of interaction with each lead based on their position on the journey map and the ROI of each digital channel.

To top it all off, we designed a marketing automation strategy that works with the information from the data lake and the interaction rules from the BI module. In this way, each lead receives the content and actions corresponding to their position in the conversion funnel.

Conversion, Profitability and Efficiency.

Thanks to this new way of collecting, centralising and analysing data, the multi-channel platform we developed is able to provide the commercial support that each lead needs.

In turn, the funnel analysis helped to measure and streamline the profitability of each action, increasing the conversion rate.

In doing so, we built a new digital ecosystem through innovative technologies and a multichannel experience that puts the user at the centre at all times, improving their experience and making customers feel at home from the beginning to the end of their customer relationship.