AECOC: A new digital ecosystem to give greater value to associates



Starting point

AECOC set us the challenge of transforming an eminently offline organisation with a one-fits-all solution into one that offered a personalised, digital experience and value proposition to its associates, and also offered the possibility to market services directly from the platform.


Unifying AECOC’s online presence into a single integrated platform, as well as integrating ERP, CRM and marketing automation tools.  This transformed AECOC’s relationship with its associated companies and generated a truly interactive relationship.

What we did

Website development

We come across barcodes in many situations of our day to day: when we pay at the supermarket checkout, when we receive a package delivered to our home, when we enter a theater or a concert hall … This little symbol is so integrated into our lives that we rarely pay attention to it. However, behind these sets of bars and numbers, there is much more than we think.

In Spain, specifically, we have the AECOC, the Spanish Commercial Coding Association. It is a non-profit organisation that was created in 1977 and currently has more than 30,000 associates, including producers, manufacturers and distributors. These related companies accumulate more than 4.5 million jobs and generate 20% of the Spanish GDP.

AECOC is the only certified entity in Spain to generate codes following international standards. Any supplier that wants to distribute their product through physical or digital stores must request a barcode from AECOC. Each of them is unique, and contains essential information about the product and its journey through the distribution chain.

But AECOC’s mission goes far beyond generating barcodes or electronic invoices. It offers its associates consulting and advisory services, gives seminars and training, anticipates future trends and even promotes projects that foster a more sustainable society.

In this context, they came to us with a clear request: to transform the relationship with their associates, strengthening ties and increasing the value they received. But how could we achieve that goal? At Good Rebels we knew the answer lay in digital transformation: we had to digitalise the existing relationship between AECOC and its associates. Or in other words, build a new digital ecosystem around the AECOC brand.


Translating AECOC’s value proposition into its digital identity

AECOC interacts with its associates through digital channels and thematic events organised around different sectors (health, hospitality, consumer goods, logistics, etc.). For this reason, our transformation strategy had to integrate digital platforms and physical environments in order to generate a new omnichannel galaxy aimed at optimising the relationship with current and potential partners.

As a first step, we defined AECOC’s digital identity: what is the organisation’s value proposition? To whom is it aimed at? How can we decline it into each service? AECOC’s mission is clear: to improve the competitiveness of its associates throughout the value chain, in order to reach the consumer in the most efficient way possible.

This mission is embodied in the values ​​that must define digital identity: willingness to serve, commitment and a positive and proactive attitude. The entire digital proposal of AECOC should be aimed at achieving these clear goals, and transmit the principles of trust, utility, transparency and efficiency.

“B2B-oriented websites shouldn’t have to give up an attractive and dynamic visual communication”

Redesign and conditioning of digital channels

When we started working on the improvement of digital channels, we first fine-tuned AECOC’s website, trying to convey a modern image with a touch of freshness, but without compromising the feeling of rigor and quality. B2B-oriented websites shouldn’t have to give up an attractive and dynamic visual communication, and that was the criterion applied in the redesign. Moreover, we tried to give greater visibility to all the content generated by AECOC (publications, webinars, seminars, events, etc.), always aiming at ​​delivering value to associates.

We also took charge of the dynamisation of social media channels, mainly Twitter and LinkedIn. First, we started developing specific content for each platform, adapting copies and messages. We then convinced AECOC of the importance of investing in social ads in order to efficiently reach our target audiences, which is why we developed a comprehensive paid media strategy for Linkedin: we first worked on increasing brand awareness, and then we focused on conversion (event registrations, sales, etc).

Besides, we also launched a weekly newsletter that addressed the heads of each area in a fresh and direct tone. Every Friday, they received a summary of AECOC’s latest publications, articles or graphic materials, as well as latest news regarding corporate profiles and advice and recommendations to continue strengthening their personal brand.


Dynamisation of expert profiles: power to the PMs

The other great pillar of our work with AECOC were sectoral events. On the one hand, we took care of live coverage, trying to give maximum visibility to speakers and content. Beyond what happened in the auditorium, our content also took into account other valuable aspects of the events, such as polls or behind the scenes. We insisted on the importance of publicising these events before, during and after they were held. Moreover, we collected data on the impact and reach of each event, which we then consolidated in an ad-hoc report. 

Besides, we took on the comprehensive task of empowering Product Managers, the visible heads of each of the areas. Through personalised one-to-one trainings, we empowered PMs to turn them into a benchmark for the sector.

We worked with more than 40 experts, adapting the sessions to their digital knowledge and covering a vast array of topics: from how to optimise their Linkedin profile to how to energise their digital community. We helped each expert develop and enhance their personal brand with tailored content and creatives, generated debates and conversations and gave them continuous feedback. In short, we took advantage of their expertise and influence to build bridges with the AECOC brand.

The work we developed with AECOC allowed us to strengthen its brand awareness, increase the reach of all its digital actions and drive traffic to the website in order to generate conversion. First, we innovated through formats that highlighted AECOC’s educational work and omnichannel vision. Second, we emphasised the importance of adding value to the community, through events, quality content or conversations. In short, we leveraged on the advantages of each social media platform in order to gain brand awareness and reinforce verticals, thus achieving our main objective: conveying AECOC’s extensive value proposition to its target audience.