Positioning through branding.-Creating a premium brand from scratch.

Acquire Panamá.

Our client, a real estate investment consultancy, was looking to position itself in the luxury property and housing sector in Panama, and set us the challenge of developing, from scratch, a brand and a digital asset encompassing their service offer in the market.

A luxury challenge.

Panama is a unique place in the world. And not just because of its climate, fauna, flora and people: its location, between two continents and two oceans, makes this small American country one of the neuralgic hubs of international trade, which is why it has become an enormously attractive destination for big fortunes.

Thus, our client set us the challenge of developing a new, differential and international brand with which to enter the luxury property and housing sector in Panama, as well as a digital asset encompassing its broad service offer.

Un nombre con el que decirlo todo.

Oscar Wilde once said that “you never get a second chance to make a first impression”, so the name, the first thing we know about a brand, is of vital importance when it comes to building an identity.

It must communicate values and meanings, and convey the brand message in a simple and concrete way. It has to resonate, be relevant, and easy to remember. And it must convey a positive idea of the brand it represents.

The brief was clear: the name had to reflect their unique value proposition, which differentiated it from their competitors: help buyers save time and effort, identifying the properties that best suit their clients based on their profile, budget, purchase objective, etc.

We also had to take into account the brand’s international focus: although most of their clients come from the United States and Asia, people from all corners of the planet turn to them for a privileged space in this little paradise on Earth.

In this case, we chose Acquire Panamá. On the one hand, it is a name that refers to the premium experience that customers expect to get from their relationship with the brand and that is easy to remember for an international audience.

But more importantly, Acquire Panama appeals directly to customers and conveys the idea that, rather than buying a property, they are taking ownership of a part of the country: that Panama is also a part of them.

The name of our brand must take into account strategic, creative and formal aspects.

Embellishing and dressing Acquire Panama.

We already had the name of our new brand, but we could not present ourselves to the world in such a “naked” and raw way. The next step, therefore, was to work on the visual identity of the brand: the symbols, typographies, colours and graphics, as well as the different formats on which this identity would be projected and presented, such as iconography or audiovisual material.

We found inspiration in two realms: on the one hand, traditional images that conveyed the brand’s sense of professionalism and premium quality service, and on the other, the patriotic symbols of Panama.

Thus, for the typographies, we opted for a combination of a classic, elegant and traditional main typeface and a secondary one which was , functional and easy to read; at the same time, we used the harpy eagle -the country’s national bird- as the logotype for Acquire Panamá and the colours of the flag as the basis for the colour palette.

To complete the development of the visual identity, we worked on the photographic language that all the images had to have motifs, framing, colour treatment, etc. The photographs of the workers had to transmit sobriety, professionalism and attention to detail.

In the case of the images of the properties ​​—logically, one of the key elements of the proposal— we had to use short shots and details that allowed us to appreciate the quality of the properties. The tone had to evoke the exuberance of the land where they are located: the strength of the sun, the blue tones of the sky, the white sands and the green vegetation.

When all the elements of the brand identity are coordinated, it sends a coherent message that reinforces its identity and makes it recognisable.

Generating excitement and emotions from the web.

Now all that was left was to translate the brand’s attributes to a transactional website. It had to offer all the functionalities expected of a site dedicated to the sale of properties —categories, filters, support content, etc.— but wrapped in that atmosphere of exclusivity linked to the business, so that the feeling of luxury would begin to be perceived from the very entrance to the website and would increase when stopping at the properties advertised.

To achieve this, we devised a filtering system that is different from the usual real estate agencies, which conveys exclusivity and creates a differential experience. Therefore, the search can be filtered by province, lifestyle and/or type of property, or the client can be guided by the categories in the main menu.

In this type of project, content plays a very important role, so we pay special attention to its production and presentation. The buyer of a luxury property is not so concerned about the price or other basic elements. That is why we focused on content related to the characteristics of Panama, which introduced the buyer to the unique environment they will find in the country and, incidentally, helped the organic positioning of the website.

All the work was aimed at generating emotions that push the potential buyer or investor to opt for the Central American country and to generate trust: no Acquire Panamá client feels that they are going to impulsively buy, or buy without full knowledge of the property. They know that their investment is in the hands of reliable professionals who are going to help them purchase a property in a privileged environment in an easy, quick and simple way. And they know it from the very first moment.