The Age of Balance.-The concept of ‘wellbeing’ has taken on a whole new life since pandemic hit. Looking after oneself and personal wellbeing — online and offline — resonates particularly well amongst ‘digitally native’ 20 to 30 year-olds.

The wellness industry is experiencing a digital boom, lead by the generation that have become the big ‘wellness’ spenders of the next decade.

At Good Rebels, we surveyed 900 twenty to thirty-year-olds and then undertook deep-dive interviews with a smaller sample, to fathom the digital side of the wellness industry.

Discover all the consumer behaviour insights in our report “The Age of Balance”, and tap into the 7 lessons that tell you how to succeed in the era of digital wellness.

A group between two generations, a mix of young millennials and old centennials, 20-30 year-olds face an exceptionally broad array of responsibilities and concerns due to being at the crossroads of life stages. Now more than ever, wellness and wellbeing are top of mind for this age group, and their focus is rapidly moving towards digital. Say hello to The Age of Balance.

What is this wellbeing hungry age group looking for? It’s time to forget protein powders and unattainable fitness challenges. The new era is all about the balance of the mind and body, leisure and responsibilities, socialising and ‘me’ time.

72% of our 900 research participants (across UK, Spain and Mexico) engage in wellbeing practices more now than before the pandemic, and 88% have used digital wellbeing or wellness resources. Our deep-dive interviews with this age group made it clear that this is a quickly accelerating sector — and its future is truly digital.

Find out how your brand can jump on this trend and enter The Age of Balance.

Access source data using our interactive database to gain deeper insights into the behaviours and attitudes present in the Age of Balance.

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