“Mistaking goals for strategy. Many bad strategies are just statements of desire rather than plans for overcoming obstacles.”
Prof. Richard P. Rumelt

Pedro Jesús González

Since I was a child I’ve always asked myself about ‘why’s and ‘what for’s. I’ve travelled half the world. In GR I help build strategy for our client and ourselves.

Jaime Lloret

Marketer at heart: I like working with brands and people.
Experience in different industries: FMCG, Pharma, Gambling, Airlines, Fashion. At Good Rebels I manage the Barcelona office and a great team as Partner and General Manager.The rest of my life is about jazz music, gastronomy, politics and Athletic Bilbao… and of course Ana and Leire.

Mark Ralphs

For 20 years I’ve developed a culture of innovation, with genuine client-agency collaboration. My focus is to build confident, multi-disciplinary teams who deliver business impact with a strategic problem-solving approach. And to have a lot of fun while doing it.

Fernando Polo

20+ years in digital. Still optimist. Long-term thinker-doer. Innovation, creativity, … framework architect. Husband, father and muso.

Joel Calafell

More than 7 years being a ‘Good Rebel’. Branding, Strategy & Digital Marketing. I have travelled all over the world competing for Magic: The Gathering.

Rafael Jiménez

Digital entrepreneur since 1992. Rebel since Dec, 2019. I dabble in music, and writing. Consumer of all arts. Bikes before cars. I like to think that I like to think.

Joanna Turner

Rebel since February 2019, working on digital strategy with a particular interest in consumer psychology. When not in the office you’ll find me on the beach!

Marina Hernández

Such an ENFP-A, in case you see a relentless hobbit walking around GR. Social Media Specialist, although my mum still struggles to explain what I do.

Javier Padrón

Just reaching 20 years in digital marketing this year, and two months as a Rebel (although now I see that I always was one). Passionate about music, movies and food!