Mexico City

The most populated city in North America, and the city with the 2nd highest number of museums (after London). Adored by foodies from all over the world.

Salvador Suárez

I’ve been working in the digital industry since 2001, I’m a Rebel traveller. My dream was always for us to become a globally relevant company.

Giulia Testoni

My passion is building brands from the insight out where strategy is just an honest reflection of real values and practices. I am 1 part project manager, 1 part cosmic stardust, 1 part geek and 2 parts gangster. Too many parts?

Rafa Jiménez

Digital entrepreneur since 1992. Rebel since Dec, 2019. I dabble in music, and writing. Consumer of all arts. Bikes before cars. I like to think that I like to think.

Javier Padrón

Just reaching 20 years in digital marketing this year, and two months as a Rebel (although now I see that I always was one). Passionate about music, movies and food!

Maria Fernanda Aguirre

Communication specialist and motion designer passionate about creating, learning and overcoming my own barriers. I want to travel the world and leave a mark on it.

Mayra Cabrera

Restless mind and constantly learning new things. Life has taken me to the digital world, developing me as a project manager.

Gerardo Fajardo

I am a graphic designer with a focus on web production. I have participated in dozens of digital projects. I enjoy photography and love my dog.

Erika Sanabria

The Administration adopted me years ago. Reiki master, dark-hearted, documentary obsessive, tireless reader and mother. My life flows with a Bowie soundtrack and a Tarantino movie.

Angel Cervantes

Almost a year as a Rebel, just two as a copywriter. A young dreamer and a faithful believer that words shape and transform our reality.

Laura Buitrago

22 years old. Public Image Consulting Student. I’ve been a Rebel since August 2019. I love marketing, I am passionate about the new, I am creative and one of my hobbies is exercise. You always have to have a positive attitude in life.