A city to be lived in. Loved by expats and idolised by locals.

Luis Jiménez Penick

After more than two decades of stable relationship with Digital Marketing I believe less in dogmas and more in people. I approach life with the duality of being half Spanish, half US citizen so I always try to understand both sides of a story.

Mari Cruz Polo

The good: the common. And the people: at the centre.

Kevin Sigliano

I have always been rebellious and first defined the concept of “Good Rebels”. Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation. +20 years of digital business consulting experience. My 5 kids and teaching are my passions.

Mar Castaño

20+ years of observing, analysing and interpreting data for answers. I try to always have a smile on my face and enjoy the simple things.

Juan Luis Polo

A lone wolf who has discovered the magic of belonging to the group. Founding partner at GR and corporate president. Storyteller in his spare time.

Kike Valdenebro

Engineer and designer. More than two decades mixing creativity and technology. I am a man of arts, science, motorcycles and cats.

Pedro Jesús González

Since I was a child I’ve always asked myself about ‘why’s and ‘what for’s. I’ve travelled half the world. In GR I help build strategy for our client and ourselves.

Javier Domingo

Art, image and design is definetly my thing! Ten years ago I started in the world of UX and five years ago I created my own strategic design studio, a real adventure. I’m a father of two great kids and I always try to take moments to listen to some Rap/Hip-Hop (not Trap), watch series, take pictures (not selfies) and travel.

Antonio Mas

Digital entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. Team manager and project creator. Repentant advertiser.

Laura Pérez-Reverte

Risk and sea are in my DNA. I’m always wearing monochrome. My daughter and my wife are my priority. Clients and generating engagement are my thing.

Carlos Baratech

30+ in business development and financial areas. I’ve always viewed the financial area as business support. 8 years in Latin America and still in love with Chile.

Juan Fran Vaquero

Creative with more than 20 years of experience. Executive Creative Director of Good Rebels and Program Leader of strategy and creativity courses. I love street food. Shall I recommend you a place to go?

Sonia Pérez

I have been working for more than 20 years in Operations for companies in different sectors. I like order and procedures, so I enjoy making thousands of plans even if they make me improvise later, but above all I like people, diversity and everything I learn every day from them.

Yuse González

Non-practicing chartered lawyer, indoor Flight Dispatcher, Art Director with a gamer mouse, Supervisor at Good Rebels, advocate of teamwork, 75% Madrilenian Cat, apprentice calligrapher, I adore handmade things, I bark and sometimes I bite. If you invite me for a coffee, we can talk.

Joel Calafell

More than 7 years being a ‘Good Rebel’. Branding, Strategy & Digital Marketing. I have travelled all over the world competing for Magic: The Gathering.

María Novillo

I took Mad Men too literally and story telling got out of hand. Because of this I ended up designing brand strategies and managing teams instead of partying hard. I talk a lot but I give epic hugs and Social Media training to compensate.

Juanmi Díez

6 years in the Rebellion. Branding, Strategy, Social Media, Communication and PR, Production and Marketing Influencer. I also write and make movies.

Raúl del Cuadro

Trying to be an influencer in Fotolog already marked my destiny. My LinkedIn says #projectmanagement, #strategy, #digitalbusiness and more complex words while my horoscope points out that I am peaceful, idealistic and aesthetic. Some of it may be true, but better that you find it out yourself.

Virginia Irisarri

My life and my backpack move between Argentina and Madrid, filled with good vibes and the energy of my genes, trying everything possible! And with them in the lead, i contribute in Business Development for these incredible rebels! I mean… one more rebel. Happy!

Ángel Lindo

I work magic to make technology an aid to the rebels’ daily work. Lover of nature and my family.

Iván Hernández

With a high bun and on two wheels. Team management, projects and performance are just a few of the digital areas that Good Rebels is helping me develop. What will be next?

Eugenia Ferrer

Good Rebels has allowed me to take advantage of my explorer soul in the areas of content, strategy, marketing automation, communication and PR. The truth is that every day I am more and more convinced that we were meant to be together.

Marina Hernández

Such an ENFP-A, in case you see a relentless hobbit walking around GR. Social Media Specialist, although my mum still struggles to explain what I do.

Paula Martín

Planning, management and teamwork is my thing. Although I always go around the office with a big smile, I secretly fear my colleagues get tired of my motivational quotes.

Patricia Naranjo

From south to north, I arrived in Madrid to work on companies’ numbers. Planning, strategy, achievement of objectives and Excel formulas as a lifestyle. I converted to “Rebellionism” in 2019 to contribute my grain of sand to the roller coaster of this great family.

Irene García

Painting all day since childhood was clearly a warning that something was not going to go right. And indeed, I ended up as an art director. Although my alter ego @gamusire does not lose hope.

Javier Sagredo

Hybrid content creator and meme generator in GR. Flirting with analytics and paid media. Journalist by training, cinephile specialized in creating the best films for my ideas.

Bea Willacy

International Business Management grad. English but in denial. Believer in trusting your gut and always giving it your all.

Candela Trejo

Andalusian content creator without an accent, but with a passion for siestas. I studied Linguistics to understand how language works and now I can have full conversations only using memes and stickers. They call it “Gen Z”, or something similar.

Marina Teba

The magic of copywriting consists in using words as a politician but sound like a stand-up comedian. I might look like I’m doing nothing, but in my head, I’m quite busy.

Yolanda Parejo

From a small town in Córdoba to Madrid to study Economics and International Business – years later, I became a Rebel. Passion for travelling and a lover of living new experiences. Carpe Diem as motto of life.

Javier del Pino

Creating content since 2018, and since then: management, planning, performance, strategy and many other things that my mum still doesn’t understand. Addicted to music and photography, but my true skill is to always have a new meme ready to reply.

Fernando López

Recent addition to the Good Rebels’ creative team. Madrileño feeling homesick for Galicia, my second home. I like graphic design and animation, and I’m also in love with music, which has given me incredible moments in my life.

Inés aguilar

Inés Aguilar

From translation and literature to marketing, communication has been the red thread of my career. Content creator, but also highly interested in brand strategy and corporate communications.

Marina Gamero

Originally from Seville, I walked from Fine Arts to UX Design driven by the willing to find where aesthetic, technology and people meet. If you see me daydreaming, probably it’s about the next meal or next travel.

David Sanz

Creative, Art Director, UI UX Designer and frustrated cyclist. I was introduced to Figma, Photoshop and the entire Adobe crew at a summer party long ago and there was no turning back.

Eva M. Pérez

Since I was a child, my need to dismantle and assemble everything, a hobby that has sometimes got me into trouble. And it also led me to become a UX Designer.

MariaJosé Zapata

Art director and professional bathroom-singer. Late millennial and big fan of internet culture. When I was little I wanted to be an artist; it didn’t turn out that way but at least I can say I ended up painting all the time.

Noelia Azagra

Designer in training and curious, born and raised. I believe in essence instead of fashion. Being in touch with nature keep me connected to everything else.

Patricia Fuster

UX designer and engineer. I am a mother from Valencia, focused on creating meaningful experiences through design. When I have free time, I seek a solid book and a siesta, in that order.

Sara Santos

Product designer passionate about solving problems through simple, effective and meaningful design.

Gabriel Manteca

Frontend developer with impeccable taste. Lover of the two eternal rivals, code and design. I think life would be a lot easier if we could take a look at the source code. I love reading, and sci-fi, but I will never be on board with Game of Thrones’ ending.

Sandra Monsalvez

Journalist and SEO content specialist. I help customers “seduce” Google and offer the necessary information to the user.