We were struck by the Cluetrain Manifesto: “Markets are conversations”. We were bloggers and #socialholics. We believe that social media gives individuals superpowers.

Joel Calafell

More than 7 years being a ‘Good Rebel’. Branding, Strategy & Digital Marketing. I have travelled all over the world competing for Magic: The Gathering.

Natasha Morrison

Long time Rebel working across digital strategy development / execution, co-creation and innovation. Avid list maker.

Luis Jiménez Penick

After more than two decades of stable relationship with Digital Marketing I believe less in dogmas and more in people. I approach life with the duality of being half Spanish, half US citizen so I always try to understand both sides of a story.

Juanmi Díez

6 years in the Rebellion. Branding, Strategy, Social Media, Communication and PR, Production and Marketing Influencer. I also write and make movies.

Raúl del Cuadro

Trying to be an influencer in Fotolog already marked my destiny. My LinkedIn says #projectmanagement, #strategy, #digitalbusiness and more complex words while my horoscope points out that I am peaceful, idealistic and aesthetic. Some of it may be true, but better that you find it out yourself.

María Novillo

I took Mad Men too literally and story telling got out of hand. Because of this I ended up designing brand strategies and managing teams instead of partying hard. I talk a lot but I give epic hugs and Social Media training to compensate.

María Vidal

In a serious relationship with #digitalmarketing. In GR, it was love at first sight with #strategy, #creativity and #employerbranding. I have Peter Pan syndrome and lots of random hobbies. That’s me, #nofilters.

Eugenia Ferrer

Good Rebels has allowed me to take advantage of my explorer soul in the areas of content, strategy, marketing automation, communication and PR. The truth is that every day I am more and more convinced that we were meant to be together.

Javier del Pino

Creating content since 2018, and since then: management, planning, performance, strategy and many other things that my mum still doesn’t understand. Addicted to music and photography, but my true skill is to always have a new meme ready to reply.

Javier Sagredo

Hybrid content creator and meme generator in GR. Flirting with analytics and paid media. Journalist by training, cinephile specialized in creating the best films for my ideas.

Irina Alegre

Cheerful (like my last name) and with more hobbies than you can have per square meter. In the Rebel world dancing between formats on social networks, always with creativity as a starting point.

Paula Martín

Planning, management and teamwork is my thing. Although I always go around the office with a big smile, I secretly fear my colleagues get tired of my motivational quotes.

Bea Willacy

International Business Management grad. English but in denial. Believer in trusting your gut and trying your best.

Inés Aguilar

From translation and literature to marketing, communication has been the red thread of my career. Content creator, but also highly interested in brand strategy and corporate communications.