“Those who haven’t seen Barcelona, haven’t seen anything good.”
What more can we say.

Daniela Ferrer

15+ years in consulting and business development. Big picture thinker & doer. I started my Rebellion in 2015 in Mexico and continue it in Barcelona. Yogini and mother of 2, I love art and moving around on my bike.

Irina Alegre

Cheerful (like my last name) and with more hobbies than you can have per square meter. In the Rebel world dancing between formats on social networks, always with creativity as a starting point.

María Vidal

In a serious relationship with #digitalmarketing. In GR, it was love at first sight with #strategy, #creativity and #employerbranding. I have Peter Pan syndrome and lots of random hobbies. That’s me, #nofilters.

Melanie Wolk

I love Social Media, and all the good things we can create with it. I’m a ” 360º Hybrid Rebel”, between content creation, performance and strategic planning. I get the best of each world.