About us

Kind-hearted people who aren’t afraid to rebel.

There are more than 100 Rebels in Spain, the UK and Mexico helping our clients become more human-centred. Strengthening relationships with their customers, their employees and with society. Designers, strategists, creatives, community managers, UX experts, data analysts, programmers… bringing ideas to life.

Hybrid DNA.

Design meets technology, logic creates magic, data fuses with creativity. Consultancy and agency blended seamlessly.

Global, yet agile.

4 base camps across the globe – operating as one team. We flex and fit with our clients’ needs.

Heart and soul.

Engaged, passionate professionals – we care about the dreams of others.


We learn, share and empower our client’s teams to make things happen.

Rebels at work

We ask why. We apply collective intelligence. We make things happen.

Rebels at work
Rebels at work
Rebels at home


Thinkers, Leadertarians, analysts, creatives, entrepreneurs. Rebels.

Antonio Mas

Digital entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. Team manager and project creator. Repentant advertiser.

Carlos Baratech

30+ in business development and financial areas. I’ve always viewed the financial area as business support. 8 years in Latin America and still in love with Chile.

Daniela Ferrer

15+ years in consulting and business development. Big picture thinker & doer. I started my Rebellion in 2015 in Mexico and continue it in Barcelona. Yogini and mother of 2, I love art and moving around on my bike.

Fernando Polo

20+ years in digital. Still optimist. Long-term thinker-doer. Innovation, creativity, … framework architect. Husband, father and muso.

Mari Cruz Polo

The good: the common. And the people: at the centre.

Javier Domingo

Art, image and design is definetly my thing! Ten years ago I started in the world of UX and five years ago I created my own strategic design studio, a real adventure. I’m a father of two great kids and I always try to take moments to listen to some Rap/Hip-Hop (not Trap), watch series, take pictures (not selfies) and travel.

Juan Fran Vaquero

Creative with more than 20 years of experience. Executive Creative Director of Good Rebels and Program Leader of strategy and creativity courses. I love street food. Shall I recommend you a place to go?

Juan Luis Polo

A lone wolf who has discovered the magic of belonging to the group. Founding partner at GR and corporate president. Storyteller in his spare time.

Kevin Sigliano

I have always been rebellious and first defined the concept of “Good Rebels”. Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation. +20 years of digital business consulting experience. My 5 kids and teaching are my passions.

Kike Valdenebro

Engineer and designer. More than two decades mixing creativity and technology. I am a man of arts, science, motorcycles and cats.

Luis Jiménez Penick

After more than two decades of stable relationship with Digital Marketing I believe less in dogmas and more in people. I approach life with the duality of being half Spanish, half US citizen so I always try to understand both sides of a story.

Mar Castaño

20+ years of observing, analysing and interpreting data for answers. I try to always have a smile on my face and enjoy the simple things.

Rafa Jiménez

Digital entrepreneur since 1992. Rebel since Dec, 2019. I dabble in music, and writing. Consumer of all arts. Bikes before cars. I like to think that I like to think.

Pedro Jesús González

Since I was a child I’ve always asked myself about ‘why’s and ‘what for’s. I’ve travelled half the world. In GR I help build strategy for our client and ourselves.

Salvador Suárez

I’ve been working in the digital industry since 2001, I’m a Rebel traveller. My dream was always for us to become a globally relevant company.


We believe that the future belongs to human-centred organisations

At Good Rebels we focus on the people behind the numbers, we fight back against the status quo and we are proud for the company we work for.

Rebels at work


Four specialised teams, one shared rebel spirit.

Business consultancy focused on brand positioning, communication strategies and digital transformation.

Creative agency with more than 25 years of experience, specialising in advertising creativity, engagement and social media.

Strategic design, branding and innovation studio specialised in digital product development.

Analytics, traffic analysis, data visualization and CRO agency, with certified professionals in optimization and data science software.

Agency specialised in innovative digital solutions with a special focus on SEO and SEM, and a strong results orientation through CRO.


Advertising, design, marketing, communication… Recognised throughout the galaxy.

WINA Awards

Silver 2017

The Lovie Awards

Gold 2016
2x Bronze 2020


HM 2016
2x HM 2017
HM 2018

Laus Awards

2x Silver 2016
2x Bronze 2019

El Sol Awards

Silver 2019

FIAP Awards

Bronze 2014

Inspirational Awards

Silver 2017

European Excellence Awards

Winner 2018
Winner 2020

Content Marketing Awards

Gold 2018

Club de Creativos Awards

Gold 2018
Silver 2019
HM 2018
HM 2019

PR Daily Awards

Gold 2019

Smile Festival Awards

2x Bronze 2015

Agripina Awards

Gold 2020

El Ojo de Iberoamérica Awards

Bronze 2020

European Search Awards

2x HM 2018