About us.

Kind-hearted people who aren’t afraid to rebel.

There are more than 100 Rebels in Spain, the UK and Mexico helping our clients become more human-centred. Strengthening relationships with their customers, their employees and with society. Designers, strategists, creatives, community managers, UX experts, data analysts, programmers… bringing ideas to life.

Thinkers, Leadertarians, analysts, creatives, entrepreneurs. Rebels.

  • Antonio Más

    VP Services

    Digital entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience. Team manager and project creator. Repentant advertiser.

  • Carlos Baratech


    30+ in business development and financial areas. I’ve always viewed the financial area as business support. 8 years in Latin America and still in love with Chile.

  • Carmen Queipo de Llano

    VP Growth

    Digital optimist and analogue enthusiast. Curious and a chaser. My obsession: connecting communication, marketing and sales.

  • Daniela Ferrer

    Client Success Director

    I was born in Palo Alto, so I didn't get into digital marketing by chance. I was always more of a science person but , I fell in love with letters. I like to make things happen.

  • Fernando Polo

    CEO / Executive Director

    20+ years in digital. Still optimist. Long-term thinker-doer. Innovation, creativity, … framework architect. Husband, father and muso.

  • Iván Hernández

    Performance Director

    Performative mind, creative heart and hardcore biker soul. In constant search of the next great route.

  • Joel Calafell

    Client Success Director

    Quite a long time being a (Good) Rebel. Professional strategist and skeptic. I have traveled all over the world competing in Magic: The Gathering.

  • Juan Fran Vaquero

    Executive Creative Director

    More than 20 years of experience. Program Leader of strategy and creativity courses. I love street food. Shall I recommend you a place to go?

  • Juan Luis Polo

    Founder - Institutional Relations

    A lone wolf who has discovered the magic of belonging to the group. Founding partner at GR and corporate president. Storyteller in his spare time.

  • Juanmi Díez

    Creative Account Director

    Filmmaker, musician, writer and everything to do with art. Rebel since 2014, where I discovered the world of marketing, which I have no intention of leaving.

  • Kevin Sigliano

    Client Success Director

    Always rebellious. +20 years of experience in Digital Transformation, Entrepreneurship & Marketing. Passionate about my 5 kids, teaching and traveling

  • Kike Valdenebro

    Muskae Founder & Head of Design

    Engineer and designer. More than two decades mixing creativity and technology. I am a man of arts, science, motorcycles and cats.

  • Luis Jiménez

    VP Operations

    A walking contradiction. Half American, half Spanish. Sarcastic, (sometimes to much). Critic sense. Obsessive with Brand positioning and focus. Rock & Atleti

  • Mar Castaño

    Tech & CRM Director

    Passionate about technology and data. I try to always have a smile on my face and enjoy the simple things.

  • María Novillo

    Client Success Director

    I took Mad Men very seriously and ended up designing digital strategies for brands and managing advocacy projects. I talk a lot and give epic hugs.

  • Maricruz Polo

    People Director

    The good: the common. And the people: at the centre.

  • Marina Hernández

    Content & Social Director

    I must confess, I cheated on being a lawyer and fell in love with digital strategies. Trying to bring sense to the social media chaos.

  • Patricia Naranjo

    Project Control Manager

    Standard bearer for smiles in the profit department. Positive attitude to deal with lots of numbers and spreadsheets.

  • Pedro González

    Client Success Director

    Since I was a child I’ve always asked myself about ‘why’s and ‘what for’s. In GR I help build strategy for our client and sometimes for ourselves.

  • Salvador Suárez

    Client Success Director

    Professional in digital since 2020, boosting our brand and business here and abroad, teacher, mentor, and single by vocation.

  • Ugo Smith

    E34 Founder & CTO

    An internet early adopter, as a kid I connected my first 56k modem. I am tool researcher and tester SEOer at heart. I believe you are as good as your last project.

  • Will Renedo

    E34 Founder & Business Development Director

    I design digital strategies to help our clients unseat their competitors. Bilingual in nature, it is not clear for me in what language I dream of and my only linguistic weakness is the names of fish.

Five specialised teams, one shared rebel spirit.

Business consultancy focused on brand positioning, communication strategies and digital transformation.

Creative agency with more than 25 years of experience, specialising in advertising creativity, engagement and social media.

Advertising, design, marketing, communication… Recognised throughout the galaxy.

  • WINA


    Silver 2017

  • The Lovie Awards

    The Lovie Awards

    Gold 2016
    2x Bronze 2020

  • Awwwards


    HM 2016
    2x HM 2017
    HM 2018

  • Laus


    2x Silver 2016
    2x Bronze 2019

  • El Sol

    El Sol

    Silver 2019

  • Fiap


    HM 2016
    2x HM 2017
    HM 2018

  • Inspirational


    Silver 2017

  • EEA


    Winner 2018
    Winner 2020

  • CMA


    Gold 2018

  • c de c

    c de c

    Gold 2018
    Silver 2019
    HM 2018
    HM 2019

  • PR Daily

    PR Daily

    Gold 2019

  • Smile Festival

    Smile Festival

    2x Bronze 2015

  • Agripina


    Gold 2020

  • El Ojo de Iberoamérica

    El Ojo de Iberoamérica

    Bronze 2020

  • European Search

    European Search

    2x HM 2018