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Planet of the Apps – How messaging apps conquered the world

The way in which users communicate today has changed greatly over the last few years. Closed and customized environments have become the main channel for the majority of users, replacing social media networks and other open channels. In this context, it is impossible for brands to access the advantages that social networks provide in terms of content distribution, advertising offers or traceability of public conversations. All these aspects are, a priority, difficult to carry out in an environment dominated by the users and with a high level of control on their part. To this should be added the current policies of many messaging applications, which do not consider the opening of services to brands.

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Data Driven Marketing: the DNA of customer oriented companies

There are few professions that are currently evolving as quickly as those related to the field of Marketing and Communication, we are working in an environment of disruption and rapid change, with an evermore demanding client and quickly changing habits. In this context, we have no choice but to develop an always on  approach, and ensure that we’re constantly updating our knowledge and skills in disciplines such as analytics, measurement technologies, data flow modeling...etc. in short deepening the complex Data Driven Marketing environment.

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Blockchain: building trust

Blockchain, whose origins are blended (and often blurred) with the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, is a disruptive technology with the potential to transform how goods and services are exchanged over the internet. Blockchain allows complex transactions to be carried out transparently and securely, on a distributed interaction model that ousts multiple established intermediaries, eradicating the control held by central authorities in traditional methods of digital transaction.

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#Leadertarians is a book about people, their motivations and the organization of these same individuals in more open and decentralized structures it is. .... +info

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