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Smart social framework

In this paper we discuss our own smart social framework and methodologies, the customer life cycle and smart social KPIs. The Smart Services we offer at Good Rebels pushes us, and our clients, to explore new ways of working digitally using social tools and strategies. Our Smart Social strategy helps us to drive social excellence and engender brand loyalty. We’ll talk about the ways in which a smart social framework has helped our clients to meet their business goals while, at the same time, putting people at the centre of their marketing strategy. Our mission is to help our clients become more agile, human-centred and successful on social. Download our Smart Social RTU to find out more.

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Human-Centred Organisations

Human-Centred Organisations prevent shareholders from feeling overwhelmed by structure. They’re obsessed with the journeys taken by their customers, employees, partners, and those taken by “citizens”, and so they’re better able to create shared value for the company shareholders as well as society at large.

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Social Customer Service

Omnichanel excellence depends on the ability to satisfy consumer expectations when and where they need you most. Designing your Social Customer Service strategy depends just as much on culture as on content. In this whitepaper we outline the steps to building an effective social customer relationship, with interviews and case studies of Toyota, IKEA and L’Oreal.

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#Leadertarians is a book about people, their motivations and the organization of these same individuals in more open and decentralized structures it is. .... +info

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